Global Safety & Equipment, Inc. (GSE) provides operator safety training, innovative safety products, Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE), and leading edge protection systems for the construction and industrial industries. GSE are experts in the disciplines we specialize in!


We have three primary divisions.

GSE is not interested in selling you “safety kits”, “replacement materials” or “online programs” to merely meet compliance.

Not all trainees are the same! Some need more attention than others and ALL need to be properly evaluated in their ability to be a proficient operator. Operators that successfully complete our programs will be prepared to be safety leaders by example. Compliance will be achieved thru effective operator training.

Mobile Elevating Work Platform & Forklift Operator Training is offered at the customer’s office or at the jobsite. Onsite safety classes will commence either in a designated area provided by the customer or in GSE’s state-of-the-art mobile classroom. Location, location, location! Our mobile classroom is design to reduce common distraction and provides a control enviroment for learning.


GSE offers safety products that help manage and reduce the risk of hazards at the jobsite and work place.

GSE is a leading name in engineered Leading Edge Protection Systems. These systems are designed for new construction, tenant improvements and general work areas. GSE will train users in safe practices for installing, maintaining, repositioning, and dismantle.

GSE is dedicated to bringing new safety products to the work place.

GSE also offers jobsite and work area perimeter (security) fence systems. These systems are ridge, single piece panels that are designed to be stacked and handled safely. The systems are stowed in a storage racks to provide improved inventory management, product longevity, and safety during transport, installation and dismantle. There are many accessories available for clean and safe job access.


GSE provides JSA and JHA consulting and equipment fitting. Through it’s extensive supplier network, GSE can offer equipment sales, thus providing the right equipment for the application regardless of manufacturer. Unlike other equipment suppliers who can only offer to sell you the manufacturers that they carry, we will offer the best fit for your job requirement, specifications or facility (and if we can’t, we will introduce you to the authorized dealer who can)

History and Goal

Global Safety & Equipment was born of the equipment rental industry.  On the heels of the most prolific construction boom in US history, it appeared that safety had taken a back seat to the breakneck speed construction was moving at. To maintain the reduced build-schedules, more and more equipment was thrown at the projects to reduce labor hours. With the addition of equipment came the addition of operators. Time was money and many companies sent these future operators to their equipment supplier for training. An 18 minute video, 13 question test and “jump on and off” the equipment hands-on demonstration became common place as substitution of training.
Unfortunately, the statistics supported that this was not enough. Too many people were injured and many lost their lives to equipment related incidents. This is not acceptable.

After years of preparation, Global Safety & Equipment opened its doors in January of 2012. Based on 24 years of equipment industry experience and 15 years of training, founder Geoffrey Arther has developed comprehensive training courses and a global perspective to jobsite safety practices.

“Our goal is simple…….We want your employees going home to their families safe each and every day!