About us


At Global Safety & Equipment, we believe that going through the paces merely to satisfy OSHA requirements is the wrong way to approach safety. Safety culture is more important than “reactive” safety procedures. The “reactive approach” leads to introducing layer after layer of procedure and protocol. Often, the end result is those layers get forgotten, ignored or overlooked, especially after the next layer is added. ¬†We believe that a solid safety program that integrates innovative labor-reducing products that increasing safety envelopes and focused training promotes a balanced safety approach.

At the end of the day, it also comes down to throwing bad money after good. You’ve made the investment in hiring your employees. Utilizing their expertise and trade skills is the most efficient use of their time. Investment in a proper selections of safety enhancing products will produce more dedicated trade-related hours. The return comes with time. The investment in safety products will remain as a depreciable cost. Labor hours saved by those products are two fold. First, the direct reduction of labor hours resulting from the implementation of efficient safety product. Second, is the exponential savings as labor rates increase over time. In most cases, the products pay for themselves through labor savings alone in the first or second projects they are used on. The added safety envelope is another bonus on multiple levels.

We are not big fans of legislating layers of safety rules and regulations. Those are band-aide fixes, where a Balances Safety Approach is the cure. Your employees can be the best “safety device” any scenario could have.

Our goal is simple…we want your employees going home to their families safe each and every day!

– Geoffrey G. Arther, President