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At Global Safety & Equipment, we believe that going through the paces merely to satisfy OSHA training requirements is the wrong way to approach safety. It all comes down to throwing bad money after good. You’ve made the investment in hiring your employees. Does it make sense then to train them incompletely? It could be said that ineffective training is worse than no training at all. GSE is dedicated to educating our customer’s employees so that when directed to operate and aerial platform or forklift, they do so efficiently and safely.  Accidents cost money in damage, lost hours of productivity, injury to people, and sadly accidents often result in the worst possible scenario. The reality is life’s simplest cliche “you get out of it what you put in”. Our classes may take longer, might cost more, and could produce some passionate safety-minded employees that will insist on doing things the right way vs. the wrong way.

We are not big fans of legislating layers of safety rule and regulations. Those are band-aides and “training” is the cure. The operator can be the best “safety device” any piece of equipment could have.

Our goal is simple…we want your employees going home to their families safe each and every day!

– Geoffrey G. Arther, President


Global Safety & Equipment, Inc.
introduces its  state-of-the-art  Mobile Training Unit. Our mobile classroom provides a distraction-free controlled environment for effective safety training.


  • Self Contained Processing Center
  • On-board Generator
  • Full HVAC System for Trainee Comfort
  • Seating for up to 12
  • Integrated Audio/Visual System
  • Outfitted with all PFPE for Efficient Hands-on Demonstration


Mobile Train Unit (#1) Interior

mobile trainer trailer  feb 2013  INT 041


mobile trainer trailer  feb 2013  INT 075

mobile trainer trailer  feb 2013  INT 051