Leading Edge Protection Education

Microsoft Bldg 95 (4)Leading Edge Protection System training and familiarization is required for anyone who will be handling, installing, inspecting, repositioning, or removing an Edge Protection System (EPS).

Global Safety & Equipment, Inc. will provide manufacturer supported EPS training for all brands of edge protection systems we offer.

Course topics include:

    • Application & Product Selection
    • Product Anatomy
    • Installation Procedures
    • Repositioning Procedures
    • Removal Procedures
    • Periodic Inspection Requirements
    • Basic Inspection Techniques
    • System Limitations
             General Handling & Stowage


Class Basics

    • • Maximum Class size 10

                   • Approximate class length 3-4 hours

                   • Structure: 50% classroom / 50% hands-on

                  • All attendees must meet all course requirements for completion.

(Attendees with physical restrictions or disabilities that preclude them performing required procedures and/or processes should not attend the course to receive a certificate of completion. Those on light duty must be able, at the time of the course, to complete course requirements including the “hands-on” portion of the course).


Requirements (provided by sponsor)

                   • Temperature controlled room 

                   • Seating and work areas for each attendee

                   • Audio/Visual: Screen with available HDMI input

                   • Active floor or area to do “hands-on” portion of the course

                   • Product for demonstration and “hands-on” evaluation (varies)