Leading Edge Protection

Microsoft Bldg 95 (4)Leading Edge Protection System training and familiarization is required for anyone who will be handling, installing, inspecting, repositioning, or removing an Edge Protection System (EPS).

Global Safety & Equipment, Inc. will provide EPS training for all brands of edge protection systems we offer.

Course topics include:

    Application & Product Selection
    Productuct Construction
    Installation Procedures
    Repositioning Procedures
    Reomval Procedures
    Periodic Instection Requirements
    Basic Inspection Techniques
    System Limitations
    General Handling & Stowage


Class Requirements Vary

    • Maximum Class size 20

    • Approximate class length 2 -4 hours

    • Structure: 20% classroom 80% hands-on

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Logistic availability:

          Your Jobsite
          GSE Training Facility (Pacific, WA)


Also available: