Metaltech Fencing

Security at jobsites is key to jobsite safety. Unauthorized persons on a jobsite can be dangerous and lead to injury of the unaware. Further, barriers to entry cut down on theft and vandalism.

Conventional means leaves a lot to be desire to achieve the goal of securing and safety. Chain link fence can be compromised with a single snip of one wire and security rendered ineffective. Handling of the product historically has be risky at best.

Metaltech’s “PROTECH PLUS” is designed to provide secure site perimeter management with aspects of safety never seen in the Industry. Fence panels are engineered to “nest” when stacking, thus eliminating the ability for the stack to fall over. For further stability during logistical actives, Metaltech has designed a purpose built rack. The rack is use for storing the product, safely moving the product with a forklift, an aid for installation and dismantle, , reduces yard space whenstoring – stackable up to three high, and makes inventory the product with ease.

Metaltech’s unique design has many attributes: 

  • Fully welded mesh prohibits ease entry
  • Engineered mesh design provides lateral strength and allows for interlocking “nesting”
  • Full frame design provides added strength
  • Built-in hook aids during installation and lock system together increasing security.
  • Purpose built man-gates allow for seamless integration
  • Consistency during manufacturing, allows for adapting signage